Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gaboon Viper (Bitis Gabonica)

I thought I'd have to put up a post about James' new Gaboon viper down in Kilkenny at the reptile village zoo... they are my favourite... well second favourite... hmmm.... ok tied for my favourite of all the venomous snakes... I was lucky enough to get down on feeding day yay!
Few things I'm sure you defo didn't know...

Firsty, they are the heaviest of all the viperids.
Secondly, they have the longest fangs and highest venom yield of any venomous snake... OUCH!!

If bitten obviously the first most important thing to do is get anti venom which is not kept over here and unfortunately Liverpool is the closet (one reason people should not be allowed keep venomous snakes in Ireland!!) The venom is hemotoxic, which is responsible for necrosis (YUCK) and therefore can entail the loss of the limb! Bites by these guys is rare mainly due to there sluggish nature... but does happen and like every snake some are more placid than others! :O

Anyways... I uploaded the video of him hissing away on the rock as we fed him and watered him down!

Anyone interested in visiting the new and improved zoo check out the web for details

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Yesterday the LA Make up Academy off Grafton st had there open day for potential students. They had models in to show different techniques in make up and film/theatrical make up. I was extremely lucky to have been working with Christian Kotey, brother of my friend Priscilla. He is somewhat of pioneer in body paint, air brushing on vehicles and the fine arts! PHEW...!!!
But anyways the pics above are my finished look I was some sort of a cyborg... Christian is also seen in the pics and an avatar painted by one of the make up artists in the academy. Christian does some seminars in air brushing through out the year...

Monday, September 27, 2010


Bit of a doggy party in the house yesterday with my four doggies and then my neighbour and her boyfriends two dogs joined in! 6 dogs is a bit mental and not really recommended!!! Anyways... here is the pic we tried to get them all in! :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well where to start! Cannonball 2010 over and already people are talking about 2011...

It is one of the best events on the Irish calender all for the benefit of Barretstown organisation, to provide fun time and an outlet for ill children. The event is run by Alan Bannon and Maree Gorman, with huge help of course from the Cannonball event committee.

This year started in Dublin again, Merrion square... from there to Donegal and the amazing Solis @ lough eske, where my mom and I frequent, its an amazing hotel and SPA, the best in Ireland I think anyways!! From Donegal to Westport, where the first night of mentalness was!! After dinner we hit the local nightclub where the boys sported some of the best Break dancing I've ever seen... even Fr Willy Faye got involved! Break dancing priests are in!

Day 2 + hangover 1 started in WEstport and went to Clarinbridge to open the Oyster festival. We were lucky that Alan Organised a special air show, It was incredible, the pilot then flew over us as we began our drive down to Kilarney.... ahhhhh Kilarney... brought back memories of last year! My friend John BUrke, who couldn't do the whole run this year, brought his restored '67 mustang aka "eleanor" which definitely turned some heads!! The Auction took place that night and the two boys who had won the Ferrari in the raffle, bought most the items and then donated them back to Barretstown, which I thought was one of the most special parts of the weekend! THe video brought nearly everyone to tears and reminded us all what the even was in aid of.

Day 3 +hangover 2... Kilarney to Cork, I was so excited about the prospect of Fr Willy riding in on his bike to Cork, with the gorgeous Elaine Crowley getting a "backer" alas that was not to happen, nevertheless the reception we received in Cork was exceptional!! THere were thousands lining the street to see all the cars driving in! Of course I'd to hang out the side of the car... I could've chosen a more... ahem... suitable attire... but sure where is the fun in that?!!

Day 4 Hangover 3.. time to go home... it was great seeing all the heads in the morning DYING and not looking forward to the long journey home to wherever in the country they reside from!

Bring on next year!!! I can't wait to see all my Cannonball buddies!

Spent just over a week in Abu Dhabi over August... Its was HOTTT!!! The way I like it! 50 C plus everyday... but I found it quite easy to sit out on and relax in!

I defo recommend people go see it. Its a very new city, and just amazing how quick it has been put together, considering they put there first road in in 1966. There is NOTHING historic about it unless you do the trips to camps out in the desert and see how they lived pre "the oil age" that was for sure my favourite part, getting to play with the camels and wildlife was incredible. THe desert was so unbelievably beautiful I can't describe it and photos do it absolutely no justice.

As for tAdd Imagehe city itself, everything is the biggest, most expensive, most inclined... everything has to break some form of record, which I thought made it a bit crude and well... tacky? Even though the architecture is absolutely incredible, its just lacked a warm feeling.

My original interest in the city for for its horse racing industry and how the majority of there horses are irish bred, as a people they have a great yearning to succeed and push there own people to be the best and give them every oppertunity they possibly can to make it possible. It was the most memorable aspect of the trip. The positivity.

I've attached some pics, of my camels, the mosque (the biggest in the world of course, with the biggest chandelier in the world of course!) my hotel... Shangri-la, can never go wrong with them no matter where in the world.

Ploughing Championships!!!

Ok.... So I'd given up the blogging for the last while, due to... well I don't know... laziness I presume! So I'll pick it back up again, I won't be plugging people or businesses on it... just blabbering on bout what I get up to! (although if I find something amazing of course I'll talk about it!!!)

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo ANYWAYS... Went down to the ploughing champs in Athy there on Thurs... I was so excited to see Blelack Elijah again, the champion angus bull who I met at the Trim agricultural show... (will post up one or two pics of the too!!) I've never seen something so big, he's about 5'10" to his back and weighs approx 1600KGs. But he's a big baby and loves getting polished up! Awwww....

Was kinda disappointed that they didn't have any of the big machinery there :( They're always fun! But the grub down there to buy was amazing as always! Especially the honey! YUM...!!! Oh and can't forget the Hunt chasing was great fun, even though the ground was so wet the teams put on a great show! Looked like so much fun :( wanted to get in!!

I also saw some Alpaca's which I'd love...but I think I'd be shot if I brought one back :/

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ok I haven't blogged in so long.... mainly cause I was without a computer with my files and lost my USB connection to camera and general laziness...!!! Its been a mad last few months between meteors and general boldness!!!
I'm selling all my horsies which is sad but have Ruben coming which will be fun! so at least I'll stay fit!!!
I uploaded these pics, they were done a while ago in the morgn for FHM, but in house problems on this side dis allowed them being released which is a pity because I quite like them!! They're defo some of my favs!!!!
I'll be blogging more over the weekend!!!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Ok... so its 2am and I'm a lil fluey! My younger siblings, my beau and bro's girlfriend are going out to the phoenix park...! Apparently my little brother has made a massive snowball... so massive he could push it no more. Turns out to be true! It was pretty massive! And we made it more massive to become the base of our snow man! The snowball ended up at about 5'6! Which is pretty big if you ask me! We were of course joined by my three lions (aka golden retrievers... one of which think the snow is attacking him and eats all the snow flakes!!) and then a surprise arrival by some of the park dear!!
Here are some of the pics! It was so bright out it was freaky! Like day light reflecting off the snow!! Which i suppose meant we could see weirdo's a mile off if their happened to be any in the park at 4 am?!!