Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ploughing Championships!!!

Ok.... So I'd given up the blogging for the last while, due to... well I don't know... laziness I presume! So I'll pick it back up again, I won't be plugging people or businesses on it... just blabbering on bout what I get up to! (although if I find something amazing of course I'll talk about it!!!)

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo ANYWAYS... Went down to the ploughing champs in Athy there on Thurs... I was so excited to see Blelack Elijah again, the champion angus bull who I met at the Trim agricultural show... (will post up one or two pics of the too!!) I've never seen something so big, he's about 5'10" to his back and weighs approx 1600KGs. But he's a big baby and loves getting polished up! Awwww....

Was kinda disappointed that they didn't have any of the big machinery there :( They're always fun! But the grub down there to buy was amazing as always! Especially the honey! YUM...!!! Oh and can't forget the Hunt chasing was great fun, even though the ground was so wet the teams put on a great show! Looked like so much fun :( wanted to get in!!

I also saw some Alpaca's which I'd love...but I think I'd be shot if I brought one back :/

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