Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gaboon Viper (Bitis Gabonica)

I thought I'd have to put up a post about James' new Gaboon viper down in Kilkenny at the reptile village zoo... they are my favourite... well second favourite... hmmm.... ok tied for my favourite of all the venomous snakes... I was lucky enough to get down on feeding day yay!
Few things I'm sure you defo didn't know...

Firsty, they are the heaviest of all the viperids.
Secondly, they have the longest fangs and highest venom yield of any venomous snake... OUCH!!

If bitten obviously the first most important thing to do is get anti venom which is not kept over here and unfortunately Liverpool is the closet (one reason people should not be allowed keep venomous snakes in Ireland!!) The venom is hemotoxic, which is responsible for necrosis (YUCK) and therefore can entail the loss of the limb! Bites by these guys is rare mainly due to there sluggish nature... but does happen and like every snake some are more placid than others! :O

Anyways... I uploaded the video of him hissing away on the rock as we fed him and watered him down!

Anyone interested in visiting the new and improved zoo check out the web for details

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