Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I feel so bad I didn't take any pics this chrimbo... well on moms camera yea... and only of my lil sis when she got her pressie! She nearly died when she saw James (her new Connemara pony!) who I've been hiding with my horses for the last two months! She was only dleighted!!!!

Obviously got a lurvely laptop... and some nice things from Agent P! My fav lingerie ever!!

Lizards must know its christmas... they got all the left overs and are more than delighted!!!!!

I promise more pics in the next week! I wanna take ones of some of the horseys and put them up! Thats my next job...
Adios! xxx

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dave retirement do...

And on thurs... (I think?? Maybe it was wed?... before prodigy anyways!) was in town for DAve's retirement... good fun, although I arrived after the good drama! tis always the way... :(

Here some piccies...


Went to Prodigy on friday night along with "Spoll-bags" (as I believe his new name is!) and of course the looneys claire and Shonagh... (I believe together we're known as Charlies angels...at least thats what we told people!)
All in all, amazing night, on stage, then back to Shelbourne till all hours we were running from the bands and productions hotel rooms! Mental!!! Other memories are of course Shonagh 'dropping drawers' to show people her amazingly huge and painful mystery bruise... the mystery being she doesn't know where she got it!
Met some amazing people to hang out with in London in Jan! Including Solomon (prodigy agent) and guys behind there video's.... and the two lovely boys Simon and Oliver!

I promise I'm never drinking again....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monday night Razzle dazzle....

Myself and Gail headed out on Monday, we went to some party in Dandelion where they were running Mr Dandelion all for charity! Ah bless...! And the headed for some good auld Coppers fun... at the start... I'm ashamed to say it... we were... REFUSED! Shock horror.. as the "bouncers" thought three of the lovely boys with us were too young... although... they were good looking boys! It would've helped balanced the the 'Hott:Ugly' ratio they get going on in there...!!! Anyways.. we got in then our lovely selves accompanied by James.. hair stylist of the century... here are some pics of the night... I believe including "orgasm" faces?! hmmmmm....

OH we also did a "Oh no they didn't!!... Call the fashion police!! series of pictures... I took them all hiding the faces so people can't complain! terrible stuff... Irish people can't dress!!!

What else , what else.... nope think thats it!!! lol...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sunday World

OH and here is the spread the lovely people in the sunday world put up on me... (thanks Dave!!)

THe pics were an original test for Playboy and were taken by several international FHM editions. And the Sunday world decided to throw them up here... Happy out!!

Pics: Ronnie Norton
Re-touch; DAvid norton, dn-design
Hair:Marjorie Mongan
MUA: Rhona Cullinan


Here is a snip bit of my stint in Czech ESquire... I'll promise to put up the rest when I get it!

Amazing shots done by Emily Quinn!! :)

Hair: Joy Hawkridge
MUA: Danielle Murphy

Thursday, December 10, 2009


So here are some of the behind the scenes from a shoot I did with the ever so talented Drew Heaslip, we shot on location at 'the Village' on Camden street, what an amazing place and its one of my hangouts... they playing amazing tunes on a regular basis!

I don't think Drew quite believed me when I said it takes age to work with animals! but Squirt was her normal amazing self, going off around the club for a mooch, all 18foot of her!!

Make on the day was supplied by elaine Carruthers, who is a good friend of mine and ex dance buddy... and is due her first bundle of joy at the end of the month! She was amazing so anyone thinking of Debs or weddings let her know....

Lastly today I hung out down the farm, interviewed with FHM USA again and just chilled out with the horses... I've ordered clothes for Daisy to keep her warm over the winter as I hate locking my animals up... unfortunately with the cold blooded animals they need te be locked up :(



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OK......... so spent the weekend at top gear, it was only amazing! I got to meet the boys and have driving lessons with the stig!! How amazing is that!!

I definitely am gonna see bout there world tour and going on it! sure why not only young once!!!

Yes people, I do know who the real stig is but I'll never tell!!!

Was there at the show representing the Cannonball run, a great event in aid of Barretstown...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


OK... Ta Da... thanks to the amazing Simon hunt, I've got a blog up and running and I'll be adding Behind the scenes from shoots etc, and just my every day to day goings... some are probably the most interesting but sure flip it anyways I'll put them up! Its the best way for everyone to keep up with me anyways!!

Tomorrow will put up top gear pics! and tell all bout the weekend, the three main boys and learning to drive with the stig!

Over and out