Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spent just over a week in Abu Dhabi over August... Its was HOTTT!!! The way I like it! 50 C plus everyday... but I found it quite easy to sit out on and relax in!

I defo recommend people go see it. Its a very new city, and just amazing how quick it has been put together, considering they put there first road in in 1966. There is NOTHING historic about it unless you do the trips to camps out in the desert and see how they lived pre "the oil age" that was for sure my favourite part, getting to play with the camels and wildlife was incredible. THe desert was so unbelievably beautiful I can't describe it and photos do it absolutely no justice.

As for tAdd Imagehe city itself, everything is the biggest, most expensive, most inclined... everything has to break some form of record, which I thought made it a bit crude and well... tacky? Even though the architecture is absolutely incredible, its just lacked a warm feeling.

My original interest in the city for for its horse racing industry and how the majority of there horses are irish bred, as a people they have a great yearning to succeed and push there own people to be the best and give them every oppertunity they possibly can to make it possible. It was the most memorable aspect of the trip. The positivity.

I've attached some pics, of my camels, the mosque (the biggest in the world of course, with the biggest chandelier in the world of course!) my hotel... Shangri-la, can never go wrong with them no matter where in the world.

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