Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Ok... so its 2am and I'm a lil fluey! My younger siblings, my beau and bro's girlfriend are going out to the phoenix park...! Apparently my little brother has made a massive snowball... so massive he could push it no more. Turns out to be true! It was pretty massive! And we made it more massive to become the base of our snow man! The snowball ended up at about 5'6! Which is pretty big if you ask me! We were of course joined by my three lions (aka golden retrievers... one of which think the snow is attacking him and eats all the snow flakes!!) and then a surprise arrival by some of the park dear!!
Here are some of the pics! It was so bright out it was freaky! Like day light reflecting off the snow!! Which i suppose meant we could see weirdo's a mile off if their happened to be any in the park at 4 am?!!