Thursday, December 10, 2009


So here are some of the behind the scenes from a shoot I did with the ever so talented Drew Heaslip, we shot on location at 'the Village' on Camden street, what an amazing place and its one of my hangouts... they playing amazing tunes on a regular basis!

I don't think Drew quite believed me when I said it takes age to work with animals! but Squirt was her normal amazing self, going off around the club for a mooch, all 18foot of her!!

Make on the day was supplied by elaine Carruthers, who is a good friend of mine and ex dance buddy... and is due her first bundle of joy at the end of the month! She was amazing so anyone thinking of Debs or weddings let her know....

Lastly today I hung out down the farm, interviewed with FHM USA again and just chilled out with the horses... I've ordered clothes for Daisy to keep her warm over the winter as I hate locking my animals up... unfortunately with the cold blooded animals they need te be locked up :(


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